Batman — The Dark Knight Rises Theme

The current run of Batman films has reset the benchmark for the caped crusader. He’s darker, colder and far more human than any Batman before him (and most probably has Ben Afleck feeling a little apprehensive). This slot has the same gritty and edgy feel as the films, it’s visually impressive and comes complete with countless animations and real photography from the film.

Each reel icon offers a cutscene from the film that is linked to the character featured on it. These icons include Bane, Batman, Catwoman, Miranda, Blake (Robin) and Jim Gordon. Other icons include The Dark Knight Rises logo, bomb and Dark Knight themed J, Q, K and A icons.

The stunning visuals are matched pound-for-pound by the soundtrack. The designers have used the same tunes and compelling music from the film, which builds intensity and suspense at the right moments.

Key Features

  • 5 reel video slot with a whopping 243 ways to win
  • Win up to £89,000 in real cash per spin
  • Rolling reels and symbol scrambles for more wins
  • Heat seeking and super stacked wilds
  • Compatible with iOS, Mac, PC, and Android

Don’t be deterred by the jaw-dropping graphics, The Dark Knight Rises online casino slots are as easy to play as any other game of chance. You don’t need any super powers to spin these reels. In fact, the only thing you must decide is how much to wager. You can play using coins ranging in size from £0.01 to £0.05, but this isn’t a penny fruit machine. There are effectively 30 fixed lines, which means you’ll need to wager at least £0.30 per spin. Most players prefer raising the stakes when playing slots online. Fortunately, this game accept bets up to £7.50 per spin when you bet five £0.05 per line.

Игровой аппарата Black Knight изображения и комбинации

Выигрышное сочетание на игровом аппарате Black Knight – выпадение 3 и более идентичных изображений на рядом стоящих барабанах поля и одной игровой линии аппарата. Также, такое сочетание должно выпадать в последовательности слева направо – начинаться с левого края.

Символы слота изображают различные предметы власти, а также некоторых особ королевского двора. Комбинация 3, 4 и 5 стандартных изображений, с учетом общей ставки в 3 единицы игровой валюты, приносит следующие выплаты пользователю в кредитах:

  • скипетр, держава, карта, кольцо – 0.5, 2, 10;
  • корона – 1.5, 5, 10;
  • шут – 2, 10, 50;
  • королева – 2, 20, 50;
  • король – 0.2, 10, 50, 200. Это самое высокооплачиваемое изображение аппарата, которое может формировать призовые комбинации, в том числе, и из 2 единиц. При максимальном значении ставки 5 изображений короля приносят выигрыш – 10 000 единиц игровой валюты.

Кроме стандартных, в игре присутствуют специальные символы, отличающиеся тем, что обладают нестандартными свойствами. «Дикий» символ изображает рыцаря и способен заменять другие картинки в случае, если это будет способствовать созданию выигрышного сочетания. Он может выпадать только на втором, третьем и четвертом барабанах игрового поля.

Призовой раунд с бесплатными спинами видеослота Black Knight

В ходе действия призового раунда на видеослоте Black Knight сохраняются все правила и выплаты из обычной игры. При выпадении «дикого» символа, он расширяется на пространство всего барабана и остается в таком положении до конца запуска всех бесплатных вращений.

Раунд не может быть продлен или перезапущен в рамках одной активации. Весь выигрыш, полученный в ходе запуска фриспинов, аккумулируется и в конце раунда перечисляется на основной счет пользователя.

Black Knight – слот, выполненный в средневековой тематике, обладающий стандартными характеристиками и низкой дисперсией выигрыша. Среди особенностей аппарата есть призовой раунд с фриспинами и «дикий» символ.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

This feature is the main attraction of the Dark Knight Rises slot and is activated when you strike two or more scatter bonus symbols on the reel. This bonus feature awards the player 10 free spins and you get to play a bonus round. The type of the bonus round depends on whether you select Bane or Batman.

If you go with Bane, you get to play Rolling Reels feature. If you get a winning combination in this round all your existing symbols will explode and replaced by the new ones increasing the chances of winning free spins.

The other round is Extra Wild feature, which can be played if you select Batman. In this feature you can select an extra wild symbol which will double your winning chances.

Hence, the Dark Knight Rises slot is filled with interesting features that will take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

The Dark Knight Rises Features Explained

Wilds come in more than one variety but the most common one triggers when The Dark Knight logo appears. This logo can substitute for any icon except the scattered bomb icon and wilds that appear on the middle reel will expand to take up all positions on it.

Batman and Bain free spin counters appear above the reels with 10 spins on each counter with 1x multipliers. The Bain Vs. Batman feature can trigger at random and shows the enemies fighting it out. Each attack will add free spins to the character throwing the punches and the overall winner will have their multiplier boosted. This won’t trigger the free spins, because you’ll need to spin in three or more bomb icons to make that happen.

Before the free spins begin you will need to choose Bain or Batman. This will add either rolling reels or wild blasts respectively. You will also need to choose a character who becomes this respective wild during the free spins.

The Dark Knight Rises Slot Features

The Dark Knight Rises reel icons are wild and can substitute for any icon except the scattered bomb. Expanding wilds can also be triggered when appearing on reel 3, whilst splitting wilds are included during free spins.

During the main game Batman and Bain can start duking it out at random. Each flurry of punches and kicks will add free spins to the character throwing them. A multiplier is added to the victors counter, this can happen multiple times before the free spins are triggered when three or more bomb icons appear anywhere on screen. Before they start you will be asked to choose Bain or Batman who offer different bonuses;

— Choosing Bain will open up the chance for Rolling Reels, which can trigger multiple consecutive wins. Wilds are stacked during these spins too.

— Choosing Batman will offer wild blasts and the chance to benefit from splitting wilds.

Both free spin choices will be followed by another screen where you choose which icon will be your extra wild. The free spins then play to a compelling Dark Knight Rises music track.

Symbol scramble is yet another new feature that can be triggered randomly on any non-winning spin. This causes the screen to bulge before the icons pop out and scramble position to create winning combinations.

We Answer Our Readers Most Common Questions

How does The Dark Knight Rises work?

It’s a modern five-reel slot that’s simple. You spin and hope to win. There are bonus games, but you pretty much just watch and hope for a win during them as well.

How many bonus games does it have?

There’s a single free spin round in the Dark Knight Rises, but there are added Batman and Bane themed bonus features that offer regular wins outside of the free spin round.

Where can I play the Dark Knight Rises?

Look at leading Microgaming casinos and you’ll quickly see this game popping up all over the place. It’s well loved and available at most locations.

How much does the top jackpot pay?

The biggest jackpot is 89,000 coins, which is quite a bit less than the original, but still exciting because wins are more frequent.

Is the Dark Knight Rises safe to play?

The Dark Knight Rises was developed by Microgaming and it’s reliable. You can play it safely and without fear when at a good casino.

Is it mobile friendly?

Yes, the Dark Knight Rises is a very mobile friendly game. Whether you have an iPad, an Android tablet or smartphone, or another mobile device, it’s likely that it will work just fine.

How do I play the Dark Knight Rises?

You choose the number of coins that you’re betting and you decide on the value for the coins. Other than that you just spin the reels and hope for a win.

What is the trick to winning the game?

The trick to winning is getting lucky and getting a powerful bonus or jackpot. Strategizing won’t work, so just enjoy the game.

How many pay lines does it have?

Just like with the first one, there are 243 ways to win with every spin the reels. That means you’ll win many prizes and have a lot to enjoy while you play the game.

Game description

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Said to be one of the greatest online slots released this year, enjoy all of the excitement in The Dark Knight Rises online slot machine!


The Dark Knight Rises Slot

The Dark Knight Rises


Said to be one of the greatest online slots released this year, enjoy all of the excitement in The Dark Knight Rises online slot machine! The Dark Knight Rises is the latest and greatest addition of 5 reel 243 line slots, sweeping everything in its path! The game is the much awaited sequel to MicrogamingвЂs ultra-popular the Dark Knight slot and if you thought youвЂve seen the last of Batman with that game then think twice!


The Dark Knight Rises is powered by the most sophisticated Microgaming casino software, bringing forth astounding visuals on par with the eponymous Hollywood film and a theme that is second to none in terms of diversity, sophistication and sheer fun factor!



The Dark Knight Rises logo is the gameвЂs wild but contrary to most other slots, this wild can take numerous other forms depending on gaming mode. It can become Super Stacked if you side with Bane during the Free Spins feature or a Heat Seeking Wild if you side with Batman. The wild can also act as a Split Wild, offering players the unique opportunity to complete a 6 of a kind reel combo, yielding amazing payouts!


Free Spins Accumulator

This Batman online slot features a Free Spins Accumulator that when triggered, Batman and Bane take to the screen to fight in order to add more spins to their respective Bonus Games. This is to name just one of many exciting new features to this ‘243 ways to win’ slot machine!


Select your bet size and number of paylines. Now spin to win!

Said to be one of the greatest online slots released this year, enjoy all of the excitement in The Dark Knight Rises online slot machine!

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How to play

Select your bet size and number of paylines. Now spin to win!

Related Games

Free Spins

You’ll enter the free spin game if you manage to get 3 or more nuclear bomb symbols. Once there you’ll be handed 10 free spins and then you’ll be asked to pick between the Batman or Bane character appearing during your free spins. Each character has their own unique bonus features:


Batman has an Extra Wild Blast skill that you can use to pick which symbol you want to act as an extra wild on tThe Dark Knight Rises slot reels.

After you’ve accessed the free spins bonus game ten times, the heat seeking wilds feature will be opened. These heat-seeking wilds appear on the middle reels and split in half to turn the symbols next to them wild too.


Bane’s superpower in this online slot machine is Rolling Reels. This means that when you land a win, the symbols corresponding to the win will vanish and then new symbols will pop up in their place. This gives you almost endless chances to pick up real money wins.

Once you’ve unlocked The Dark Knight Rises slots free spin game ten times or more you’ll also be able to play with Bane’s Super Stacked Wilds. This will turn the whole of reels two and four wild.

Fight Mode Bonus

Features of the slot game

The Dark Knight Rises slot has 5 reels and 243 paylines. However, this game slot is not like other microgaming slots. It is not progressive but it has split wilds, symbol scramble, and free spins accumulator. LetвЂs take a look at the main features of the slot!

  • Wild Symbol – The logo of the game is the wild symbol. As it is common in other game slots, the wild symbol can replace all the other symbols present on the reel except the scatter ones.
  • Symbol Scramble – This feature is activated randomly in the game and when it does, it can replace all other icons on the reel so that the player can get maximum winning combinations.
  • Expanding Wilds – Reel 3 is the lucky one for a player; as it has the power to expand the wilds present on the reel.
  • Fight Sequence – This feature will be triggered randomly at any point in the game and you will see Batman fighting with Bane. The goal of the fight is to grant player maximum free spins and multipliers.

How to play The Dark Knight Rises slot online

In true Microgaming fashion, this title is a 243 ways to win video slot. It also has the customary five reels. You cannot wager on each individual payline, though you can stake up to 5 coins per game on this title. Coin values range from ВЈ0.01 up to ВЈ0.05, and players must stake at least ВЈ0.30 in order to play.

The most that The Dark Knight Rises will ever cost you, is a puny ВЈ7.50 per spin. The high playing cards are worth alright sums of money in this title. But it is in the actual licensed images where the real money can be had. Bane, Batman, Robin (Blake), Catwoman, Miranda, and Commissioner Gordon all feature in this slot, which uses images from the hit motion picture.

Animation is also used to present certain sequences, and clips from the movie can also be found in this title, just as they could in its predecessor.

Слот Black Knight управление и настройка

Управление процессом игры слота Black Knight совершенно стандартно, за исключением особенностей, которые присущи автоматам компании WMS. Количество линий уже фиксировано на значении в 30 штук. Выбор общей ставки производится нажатием на одну из кнопок Spin, расположенную в центре панели управления.

Для просмотра всего диапазона возможных значений ставки следует воспользоваться ползунком или кнопками «-» и «+», расположенными сразу под кнопками. Нажатие на одну из кнопок Spin устанавливает значение общей ставки и автоматически запускает вращение барабанов игрового аппарата.

Также, для запуска спинов можно использовать кнопку с изображением вращающейся стрелки, расположенную в правом нижнем углу экрана. Если запускать спины с ее помощью, то общая ставка будет равна последнему значению, выбранному пользователем.

Кнопка с треугольником и двумя стрелками в левой части панели управления запускает процесс авто-игры – спины будут запускаться автоматически с последним выбранным значением ставки. Для остановки процесса достаточно еще раз нажать на кнопку запуска.

В строке Balance, которая находится над игровым полем, показывается текущее количество кредитов на счету пользователя. В окне Win отображается суммарный выигрыш за последнее вращение.

Для того, чтобы открыть таблицу выплат, следует нажать на кнопку Pay Table. Она расположена в левом нижнем углу экрана. Помимо самих значений выплат, там также расположены:

  • некоторые правила аппарата;
  • описание нестандартных символов;
  • схема расположения линий на игровом поле.


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