Step 3. Marketing

The secret of the most popular and successful online casino success and popularity is not about the top-notch design or billions of games included. The best online casinos are simply designed and contain 45-50 games on average at the beginning. The secret is in responsible marketing strategy implemented on all stages of the project. Online casino market is an extremely competitive one: first, it is very hard to break into it, and then it is even harder to take a firm stand. Thus, a company has only one chance to win the fierce race among competitors. Below is a list of points that are vital for any online casino that is planning to be prosperous.

• Positioning – Gather professional marketing team and develop strategic and tactical development phases, announce your goals (business, company, brand), and mission. Determine what niche you would like to step in, how you are different from the competitors, what unique features your casino has, and what steps you are going to make further.

Use only quality games from trusted game-providers. You can start your casino with a limited number of game providers, with focus on games based on HTML 5 technology. This technology allows users to enjoy rich graphics games and enhance the overall experience with playing casino games on mobile devices. At SoftSwiss, among our own high-quality HTML5 games we offer game content from the well-known providers, such as Amatic Industries, Microgaming, NetEnt, and we are sure about their quality.

• Prelaunch advertising campaign – Announce your casino, inspire your potential customers to wait for its launch; use all possible methods: online advertising, presentations, publications, etc.

• Online casino promotion after launch – Use SEO, online advertising, banner networks. Everything will work on such a competitive market.

• Client attraction and retention campaign – Establish an efficient support service or 24h call-center which your customers can address at any time. Take care of your clients by making navigation through the website: create “How to” sections or FAQs, write manuals on how to play the games, provide demo versions, make everything clear and understandable.
Develop a bonus system, make auctions and entertain and reward your customers all the time.
Remember! Only business owner can establish the right content on the page. The software provider should give you the possibility to work with the content, but not create the content.

•Implement affiliate networks – Develop contacts with partners which will be an impetus to online casino development.

Social casino game retention

As games as a service, developers must update fresh content into their games to increase and maintain their player retention. To achieve this challenge on mobile devices that run on a cross-platform strategy is not simple from a technical point of view. This may increase the maintenance costs even more than its production cost. When you have a successful game you will need to focus your resources on keeping players happy which could increase their lifetime from 1 or 2 months to years.

In conclusion, the consolidation of the social casino industry is not only increasing the user acquisition costs but also inflating the production value of a simple game. This increase in the development costs are mainly due to improvements in the game. Not only from a graphic or art perspective, but also from the game design and updated content added to increase user retention. As well as the rise of smartphones and player expectations from a multi-platform experience makes it difficult for new a developer to stand out with a small team and a small development budget.

Social casino distribution platforms

Two years ago Facebook was the main focus for social casino development. Now however, you cannot enter the market without a mobile focused strategy. Moreover, you should not forget about desktop and Facebook development as it is still the main platform for the social casino industry in terms of revenue which forces publishers to follow a cross-platform strategy. Players are expecting to play from anywhere and from any device increasing the development costs. Consequently, players are beginning to expect to use the same account so they can share their points and virtual currency across desktop or mobile devices. This forces developers to create and maintain a client/server integration. You may remember mobile games two years ago could be played offline. Nowadays, almost every social casino game requires a good and stable Internet connection. Developers must be aware TCP/IP protocols and handle all connection and security issues regarding in-app purchases and virtual currency manipulation. It’s true that there are new technology solutions, tools and frameworks to aid the developers life. However, this come at a cost as different platforms require different skills and a specialized team which also increases the development costs.

What Stands Behind the Development of Casino Games Software

2WinPower is ever aiming at innovation. We understand that in today’s world, it’s impossible to become a professional without permanent motion. It’s essential to continually develop and keep ahead of others. Our company is in constant motion and we’re changing smoothly with every day. With this in mind we developed a number of unique solutions that give us a strong advantage over competitors, which you can buy online casino solutions from.

If you ponder on where to buy casino games or looking for a top quality casino slots for sale, trust 2WinPower to be your perfect software solution!

With 2WinPower you can always count on:

  • high-quality online casino games from the most popular casino software providers on the market;
  • development of custom mobile games from scratch;
  • unique online slots and software for slot machines;
  • gaming license and sports betting solutions;
  • electronic versions of all popular table games;
  • video slots developed with HTML5/JS technologies;
  • other professional services for online gambling sites.

Platform provider

In order to open an online casino which will operate for the South African market, or for any other markets, you need to take care of the technical matters. Finding the right service provider will be crucial and will help avoid unnecessary hassle while concentrating on promotion and marketing. Here are the key points to look at when choosing your technical partner:

Software. The platform which your casino will be based on should be safe, secure and stable under high loads. It is always better to choose certified casino software developed by a reputable company which has been operating on the market for at least several years. Make sure that the software provides opportunities to add as many languages and payment options as you wish. If it has Bitcoin payment option already available, it will be a nice advantage. Learn the administration panel to find out about the casino management options such as bonus settings, player and payment management, etc., to make sure they meet your expectations.

Games. Find out how many games are included into the package. Some providers include games by different game content developers into their offering, so you get a wide selection at one place.

Legal support and financial infrastructure. Unless you have an intention to obtain your own gaming license, it might be a good idea to find a partner who provides a turnkey White Label solution. It means that you will be able to run your casino brand under the provider existing license and use a ready financial infrastructure for all payment transactions.

With all the necessary research made, software chosen and marketing strategy set up, you will be ready to launch your online casino and take your share of the South African market.

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Casino Games

Tastes of the players from South Africa are similar to the tastes of those from other countries. The important thing is that a casino offers quality game content preferably from different content providers, so that every player can choose his favourite slot or card game.

The most popular games among South Africans are slots. They attract the audience by offering colourful design, exciting plot and various bonus features such as free spins. Among the card games, and Poker hold leading positions. It is also highly recommended to include games with progressive Jackpot into the offering as they keep players well entertained and excited to come back to a casino.

Additional Step 4. Bitcoin casino

Forward looking online casino software providers offer Bitcoin as an alternative payment system for their solutions. Online casino owners all over the world appreciated such advantages of Bitcoin casino as significant savings on license application costs and monthly fees, increased customer loyalty, fast payment processing and many more.

As an acknowledged Bitcoin casino experts, SoftSwiss would like to recommend all potential Bitcoin casino owners to get a clear understanding of the crypto currency, research on the peculiarities of Bitcoin gambling, and learn how transactions work by making a couple of bets at an existing casino. Understanding the core of the payment system is essential in business, moreover it will help to build a strong marketing campaign and further manage the Bitcoin casino. Contact SoftSwiss for professional advice on Bitcoin casino launch.

Managing an online casino is hard work but with all legal and financial issues resolved in a timely manner, quality software chosen and a strong marketing strategy in place, it can be successful. The demand for online casinos will increase – specialists predict 40% growth of this market segment in the nearest year. Following all the steps described above will help a newly made online casino to develop sustainably and outweigh the competition. Good luck!

Also learn how to start an online casino with SoftSwiss.

Casino Software Solutions Where to Buy Casino Games

An efficient iGaming market is built on healthy competition, transparency, reasonable expectations of participants and effective regulation. Everything we do at 2WinPower is fully harmonized with the principles of an effective market. We have been making every effort to improve our service for years and now we can rightly claim to be the best provider of casino software solutions.

We currently provide our customers with the best HTML5 slots, casino games software, quality casino platforms, and offers from our most renowned partners developing platform solutions. We know every detail of where to buy casino games and how to develop HTML5 casino games & gambling software in a proper way.

We denounce the low-quality products and ineffective solutions. We condemn the unregulated activities of numerous gambling companies, which main purpose is to create the fleeting impression of a reliable partner but, in fact, provide inefficient products and unfavorable conditions.

Payment methods

South African players who join online casinos mostly use their credit cards to fund their casino accounts. However, there are a number of players who prefer other methods, such as Neteller and Skrill wallets or prepaid cards like EcoCard. It is advisable to include all of the these options into the casino offering to make sure that you cater for the interests of all player segments.

It is obvious that the list of supported currencies should include South African Rand because for some players it is crucial not to deal with the conversion rates and always have a clear picture of how much cash they have on their account and how much they win.

Step 2. Launch

The time frame for online casino launch depends on both, business owner and software provider. Usually it takes up to 3 months for the provider to set up the software. It includes web site design, platform and games set up, custom settings and possible individual features. The business owner may speed up the process of launch by providing regular feedback to all questions that designers and programmers might have. Any issue can be resolved if discussed in time.

Besides, the business owner shall timely address the issues discussed above:

• ;
• Opening a corporate bank account and merchant account;
• Making agreements with payment system providers.

Setting legal and financial infrastructure is the task that only the business owner can accomplish. In SoftSwiss we provide consulting services (best options, contacts, etc.) on such points but we canвЂt guarantee success as the whole responsibility lies on the business owner. You will have to collect a bunch of documents for lawyers and banks like certified passport copy, utility bill copy, certificate of non-criminal records…


Game mechanics based on real statistics

Online casino game is a complex product. All its components are developed based on certain factors and conditions. There’s no place for incidental or presumable decisions. Сommercially viable projects we provide are created on precise and deliberately analyzed real statistical data.

Agile development

We know that to be successful is to be as effective as possible. By effectiveness we mean the ability to perform high professional tasks stepwise using the optimum amount of quality resources. Quick and flexible approach is the key to our leadership and prosperity.

Dedicated project teams

We know what it takes to be a leader because we are one. Every day our team of professionals works on improving processes, new tools and technologies. We learn, not afraid to try, and adopt the best world experience and practices.

Social casino game design

Developing social casino games is a double-edged sword. The upside is that these games are evergreen as the game mechanics and basic game play were played more than 200 years ago and they will be played in 200 years to come. However, it’s difficult to stand out against competitors as you cannot change the basic game play. Social casino players want to play casino games so it’s really difficult and risky to innovate in the game play of the game. For example, If you change the basic game play of Blackjack, it will not be Blackjack which in turn means losing social casino players.

So how can one stand-out if it is not possible (or risky) to change the basic game play of a casino game? That’s where game designers and the production team come in to their own and why most of the leading social gaming studios have ‘product’ people in key positions.

In addition to better graphics, animations, sounds and music, game designers must focus on the entertainment surrounding the basic game play. By adding social features and game mechanics that can stand out against other casino games. These features must be designed to retain the player and must meet the players expectations of updated, fresh and unique content. Such as chats, leader boards, level system & points, achievements, tournaments, special power-ups, avatars, badges and stickers could be some of the renowned game mechanics that can be used to stand out.

It’s easy to come up with an idea for a social casino game. However, when you need to put all these possible game features together in a way that make sense for a player it can be overwhelming. Which consequently has a direct impact on team sizes and development budgets.

Technology is something to bear in mind in terms of budget if you are thinking about adding all or some of the features mentioned above. Even if there is any multi-player experience or synchronous game in your pipeline such as Poker or Bingo, you will need a robust and scalable architecture. You will also need a team with great tech skills to maintain it and deal with the most common synchronous problems such as concurrency. A simple oversight can break down your business.


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