Obtaining a gambling license in Latvia

A gambling license in Curacao

Curacao is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This fact significantly increases the level of customer loyalty regarding the casino with registration in Curacao. In addition to gambling reputation, businessman receives many other advantages, among the main ones there are the following:

  1. Licenses for gambling activities are issued in the island since 2002, in view of which the country can be officially considered one of the best and proven licensors.
  2. Minimum requirements are imposed on software vendors on your portal, which allows you to use slots and RNG that are in the beta-testing stage.
  3. The package of documentation is limited to a minimum: personal data on beneficiaries and shareholders, information on good standing of the corporation and percentage of revenue, as well as minimum data on the status of personal accounts of the owners of the company.
  4. The most significant advantage: there is no division of gambling types into categories and classes in Curacao. This allows you to get one license for all types of entertainment in the casino. If you applied for a lottery or bingo certificate, the license provided gives you the full-fledged right to supplement the game room with slots, poker and other gambling.

Terms and cost of consideration of the application are minimized for non-residents and local businessmen. The level of taxation is 2% of the net profit (not of total one).

That is, accounting department of the corporation must provide a balance of all income and expenses; the cost of hosting, technical support, staff salaries, commission fees in electronic payment systems, etc. are deducted from the amount of profit. The tax is levied only on the amount that remains in the profit column after all the deductions.

Rules and requirements for obtaining gambling license

The rules for gambling license abroad are set by the special commission in order to make it more convenient to monitor and control the activities of the applicants.

The norms prescribe the behavior of all persons who are associated with the organization being licensed, including partners, employees and owners themselves.

The requirements for obtaining license for gambling are similar to those for persons conducting banking activities:

  • Persons suspected of involvement in illegal activities are refused even without consideration of the application;
  • Particular commissions verify applicants for availability of good standing;
  • Complete information on the structure of the finances and the company itself, its employees and partners is sometimes required.

Licensing of gambling business: How to Select Jurisdiction

  • Antigua and Barbuda. In order to obtain license, it is necessary to submit a number of documents under the laws of Antigua and Barbuda. There is a one-time fee for filing the application, as well as insignificant percentage of taxes on net gambling gain.
  • Curacao. It is considered one of the most reliable countries for licensing and has single application form for bookmakers, slot machines, bingo, lotteries and casinos. For registration of the company it is necessary to register in the Chamber of Commerce of the Antilles.
  • Malta. The level of reliability is very high, but the procedure takes a little longer. There is considerably large list of fees, which is reconsidered depending on the scope of activity of the client.
  • Alderney. Obtaining gambling license abroad on this island allows the operator to accept gamers’ bets from around the world. Before submitting the application, you must obtain Software Provider Certificate. The foregoing can also be carried out with our help.
  • Kahnawake. The first country with jurisdiction to grant gambling licenses. Representatives of its commission issue three types of different forms, and our lawyers will help deal with them.

Please, clarify data concerning the other countries with our specialists.

Gambling license

In order to obtain the license for gambling (through slot machines), it is necessary to submit application to the Hellenic Gaming Commission, which includes the applicant’s data and the number of certified gaming machines that perform operations in accordance with the Hellenic Gaming Commission’s decision No. 130/2 of 11/18/2014 (B 3225) «On the establishment of control over the technical characteristics of slot machines».

The gambling operators can be legal entities that are taxed in accordance with the general provisions of law 2238/1994 (art.151). Licensing of electronic technical and entertainment games is not allowed for non-commercial legal entities.

Individuals conducting business management may apply for or have the license if the following conditions are met:

  • natural persons should not be convicted or otherwise punished for such serious crime as theft, embezzlement, fraud, disposal of stolen property, extortion, forgery of documents, active or passive corruption, causing serious harm to health, reticence or cover-up of a crime, currency offences, a crime against personal freedom, a crime against sexual freedom, crimes against the exploitation of sexual life and crimes in the sphere of drug trafficking, weapons, explosives, as well as in the field of tax evasion,
  • natural persons should not be convicted of a serious crime or otherwise punished for committing a crime in the field of gambling.

After obtaining the license, operators are required to notify the Hellenic Gaming Commission directly and without delay about the following information:

  • availability of certified slot machines, including their permissions;
  • about the qualified games used in these gaming machines;
  • confirmation of how the operator acquired the legal rights to use slot machines and games used in operating activities (purchase, leasing, transfer of rights of use, etc.);
  • on the movement of slot machines, between stores or places of storage and/or repair.

All this information is provided electronically through the management and control of the operating system for the certification of electronic slot machines.

To issue the license or renew the license terms,it is necessary to pay in advance the annual fee for the use of electronic slot machines, depending on the number of gaming machines included in the license.

Payment of the fee is carried out under the responsibility of the operator, not later than on the date of expiry of one year from the date of the initial payment. Failure to pay the annual fee implies failure to grant or refusal to renew the license.

Certification of games

Any game that must be installed or is installed in certified slot machines and is represented in certified stores should be certified by the Hellenic Gaming Commission.

Certification is granted to producers or importers, or, in exceptional cases, for those who have a legal title or right to game and file an application in accordance with the provisions of the Hellenic Gaming Commission’s Decision No. 130/2 of 18/11/2014 (B 3225).

In Greece, games that have already been certified by national authorities, recognized by the international or European organizations or having certification of the organizations with which the Hellenic Gaming Commission has signed a recognition agreement are also recognized in Greece.

The game must fulfill the following conditions in order to become certified for slot machines:

  • The game should be a computer program that is included or installed in slot machines (hardware), which, when used exclusively or primarily, is affected by the technical or mental abilities of the player such as, for example, knowledge, skills and preferences.
  • At any stage of the game, the game should be exclusively technical and entertaining one and should not be varied during all stages of the game or be hazardous.
  • Have restrictions on the age qualification when using in accordance with the Pan-European Game Information – «PEGI».
  • In case the game has no age limit, its contents must be verified by the manufacturer or importer, or by those who have legal ownership or the right to game, in terms of descriptive indications relating to the content of the game (for example, evidence of violence, abuse, pornography, discrimination, drug use, etc.).
  • Have all the information, instructions and other information related to the use of this game.

In order to obtain the certificate, it is necessary to submit application to the Hellenic Gaming Commission. When applying, you must pay the state fee for consideration of the application (50 euros for one game), as well as a one-time fee for issuing the certificate (30 euros per game).

EU Gambling licenses

When online casinos started opening, the markets were full of crooked casinos and weirdos who would gladly take your money, but never give anything back. Fortunately this has changed into better in the past years, mainly because of the licensing system. It makes gaming more transparent and provides a better gaming environment.

Not all casinos can get a license though. All casinos must follow certain rules and regulations before they can get a license. Licenses have different rules depending on their country and their laws. In order to obtain the license, the online casino must follow certain standards, but also keep following the standards to keep the license.

Gambling license Malta

One of the most popular licenses is Malta Gaming Authority. Casinos operating under this license offer games to the most countries in Europe. This license is one of the most used ones and itвЂs preferred for many reasons. Players love this license because it means tax-free winnings.

Gambling license UK

If a casino wants to offer their services in the UK, it needs a license from the UK Gambling Commission. And again each type of gaming needs its own license. Having a license from the UK means 15 % tax for the casinos and other high expenses. ThatвЂs why many casinos snatch their licenses elsewhere.

Licenses guarantee a safer environment for players, as well as provide taxes for the country offering the license. Operating without a license in the EU doesnвЂt benefit the countries financially.В  Casinos with an EU-license include for example Redbet, Casino Heroes,В Unibet and

Gambling license Italy

Gambling in Italy is allowed, although itвЂs very strictly regulated. Something remarkable about this license is that Italy is one of the first countries to set a minimum return percentage for casino games, which is 97,03%. All casinos operating in the EU can apply for a license from Italy.

Gambling license Spain

Like Italy, also Spain regulates their licenses very strictly. Mostly all gambling in Spain is still taking place in brick and mortar casinos, however, online casinos are becoming more common. In Spain a casino need two licenses: one for general gambling, and another one for each type of game theyвЂre offering.

Gambling license France

Gambling has been allowed in France since 2010. However, casino games still arenвЂt allowed. The only allowed forms of gambling are poker and sports betting.

Gambling license Belgium

Getting a license in Belgium is fairly challenging. Getting a license is not only expensive tax-wise, as they pay 11 % tax, but also because each casino must pay 250 000 euros for the license. In addition, the casinos can only get a license if they partner up with a brick and mortar casino. Also, all online casinos need a Belgian web address. And all casinos without a license are banned in Belgium.

Gambling license Denmark

Denmark is the first Nordic country offering gaming licenses. Getting a license from Denmark is a little easier than from many others, but the online casino still must pay a ton of different regular fees and taxes. All online casinos with the Danish license must also offer their services in Danish, and use Danish crowns as as a payment method.

Gambling licenseВ Estonia

Estonia started admitting licenses in 2010. Estonian online casinos are strictly regulated. Before, all casinos with a license from Estonia, had to operate from Estonia, however, this has changed and now online casinos outside Estonia can also obtain the license. Licensees from Estonia must only pay 5 % tax, which is very appealing for many online casinos.

When a casino has a reputable license, you can be sure that the casino is safe and reliable. These casinos are transparent and they have good intentions. ItвЂs recommended to stay away from any online casinos that donвЂt have a license. If they take your money and run, thereвЂs no one you could complain to. Licenses guarantee that the casino operates under a set of rules that keep you safe as a player.

Gambling license in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country where most of the casino is located in places where tourists gather, for example, in hotels and guest houses. There is a special Law on Games of Chance in the state, regulating the rights and duties of gambling establishments. The casinos receive great support in the development, therefore, they are able to provide large prizes in lotteries and other forms of gambling.

License for gambling in Montenegro is necessary for every entrepreneur who is going to establish gambling business in both real and virtual worlds. Online rooms can cover players from different countries, but if they are under the jurisdiction of Montenegro, then the rules and regulations of the country should be observed by the owner of the casino and its users.

Company Law&Trust offers legal assistance in processing of various types of licenses, such as license for gaming activities in Montenegro, which is usually called the I-Gaming License and provides that holders of such license can render services for the following types of games: casino (including online casinos), betting (for example, Online Sportsbook, binary options), poker and card games, other Internet games; the only exception is that the aforementioned type of license does not provide for a lottery, and license for this type of service is issued separately with the help of Law&Trust.

Depending on the number of slots, the territory of coverage of the target audience and other factors, common package of documentation is compiled and the terms of the audit are determined.

Consideration of the application itself and the enclosed package of documents takes about 30-40 days without taking into account the time required to collect and send documentation. Another 60 days are required for monitoring the portal by organizations that are engaged in verifying interactive gambling structures for honesty policy, as well as number, amount and standard of payments.

Advantages of Curacao gambling licenses

Curacao gambling licenses give the following advantages:

  • Prestigious Curacao jurisdiction;
  • Operation on the European market;
  • Low costs compared to the rest of jurisdictions;
  • Low taxes;
  • Simplified licensing procedures, minimum requirements;
  • One license for all types of gambling businesses;
  • Minimum terms of license issuing.

Currently this license is considered to be the best one in price/quality proportion. It takes around 3 weeks to obtain it, while the whole procedure in general is quite complex. That’s why Curacao is one of the most popular jurisdictions in the world. According to statistical data, around 1/9 of all the existing gambling projects are using Curacao licenses.

What Do We Mean by вOnline GamblingLicensing Jurisdictionsв

As we mentioned before, different regions of the world approach online gambling differently. Some have outright made the practice illegal, others have chosen to regulate the industry within their borders heavily. Some countries allow you to access offshore sites, where others do not.

For example, the United Kingdom once allowed bettors to access any online casino of their choice since gambling is legal there. However, in 2012 the laws were changed, and only casinos with equipment in the UK and duly licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are legal. So, depending on where you are, your options will change.

There is a wide range of jurisdictions and regulatory bodies out there, and as we saw with the previous example, they are always subject to change. It is forever a good idea to be current on local laws as they pertain to gambling, but that’s not all. You also want to be mindful of the various organizations out there issuing the licenses and enforcing the rules. You may find all of this information in this guide or on this site.

Types of licenses

Authorized bodies of Curacao issue two types of licenses:

  1. Masterlicense – Curacao basic license;
  2. Sub-license.

In this report we provide detailed instructions on how to obtain a sub-license, as currently Curacao issues only the second type of licenses. There are only three master license holders on the island. They are predominantly agents issuing sublicensing to operators, as well as provide multiple business support services. Theoretically, you may become one of them having obtained a fully functional license. However, these days it’s practically impossible, as this market is already monopolized. Agents issue sub-licenses under special conditions that do not actually differ from one another. Sub-licenses enable to operate all over the world except in Curacao itself, the Netherlands, France and the USA. Sub-licenses do not allow assignment of rights to the rest of operators.

Curacao gambling island

Curacao (Curaçao) is an island belonging to Lesser Antilles located in the Caribbean Sea. Up to 2010 it used to be an independent constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, though currently has the status of autonomy.

Curacao is an offshore zone charging low taxes and possessing highly developed infrastructure; that is why the majority of gambling companies are registered under this very jurisdiction. Curacao gaming licenses have been issued since 2001. Starting from 2002 legislative system of Curacao considers online gambling as separate variety of the industry. IGambling is officially regulated by the National Decree on Gambling – “National Ordinance Offshore Games of Hazard”.

Licenses for lotteries in Montenegro

Just as in case of slot machines, the winnings in regards to lottery tickets depend on the RNG. The random number generator automatically selects one or another sequence of numbers, which equates the chances of all players to win. Before accrediting casinos in the jurisdiction of Montenegro, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of RNG, which will indicate the software provider and the integrity of the game.

It is possible to obtain permission to conduct lotteries in Montenegro with the help of Law&Trust, and the terms depend on the specific focus of your business: the casino is obliged to have this certificate and obtains it along with the package of other permissions. If your company is exclusively engaged in lottery, then one license is issued, which significantly shortens the processing time of the information by the expert commission.

A license for slot machines in Curacao

License can be obtained through cooperation with our company. Experienced lawyers will pre-monitor your portal for legal inconsistencies, as well as correctness of registration of the LLC or IP. It is worth noting that the necessary item before registering a license for slot machines in Curacao is the registration of your company on the same territory.

You can order a service with full legal support in Law&Trust. Contacting the same company to perform a set of tasks allows you to save time, money and keep confidentiality — we only need one power of attorney, and a separate group of specialists will be allocated for the process of registration and obtaining a certificate for you.


The following table includes approximate prices actual for 2016.




  • Bank account opening – от $1000 (single time).
  • Registration of the company– 3250 Euro (single time).
  • Company management– 3250 Euro евро (annually).
  • Application processing fee – $1000 (single time).
  • Licence fee – $4800 (annually).
  • $2400 (annually for each third domain)*.
  • Equipment/Software – starting from$1500 (single time).
  • Server maintenance – $6000 (annually)**.

* number of domains is unlimited, maximum annual domain user fee doesn’t exceed $12000. Payment for the first two domains is not charged.** Server maintenance costs vary from $6000 up to $8000 depending on the type of equipment.

As can be seen from the above, the general cost of a turnkey gaming license accounts for around $20 000. It includes registration of the company+the license itself.

Additionally operators have to pay for:

  • Bank account opening: $1000 – $2000, depending on the type of bank;
  • Transit server;
  • Consultancy services: $100 – $300 per hour.

Payments for the second operational year:

  • 2% – income tax;
  • licence fee ;
  • annual payment for company management reimbursed to the agent;
  • payment for additional domains (if necessary);
  • payment for server maintenance.

License for slot machines in Latvia

Slot machines are the most popular means of entertainment in many casinos. The rules of the game are simple, do not require compilation of algorithms or calculation of the actions of opponents. The possibility of winning here is determined by the random number generator. The level of payments largely depends on this software, which means that it must have a verified supplier, and the algorithms themselves are checked by a specialized commission during the audit of the website after consideration of the documentation package by the gambling experts of a foreign country.

It is possible to obtain a license for gambling machines in Latvia during 6-12 months. Specific period depends on the territorial coverage of users by your portal, as well as the number of types of gambling on the website.

How to obtain license for bingo in Montenegro

1. You need to apply for initial legal consultation from the lawyers of Law&Trust. The exchange of primary documentation is carried out by mail or fax, which accelerates the process.
2. The permission to conduct bingo in Montenegro requires registration of own company and opening settlement account in one of the banks of the country. The national currency is the euro, which simplifies financial transactions and allows to avoid the conversion of funds. Registration of the company is included in the complex of tasks of our lawyers.
3. Preliminary monitoring of the portal by experts will allow to identify defects and inconsistencies so that you can correct them before the assignment of the audit term by foreign gambling control organizations.
4. The collection of documents is carried out on the basis of the power of attorney provided by the client. The list includes a large number of items, but our specialists guarantee prompt preparation due to considerable experience of working in this sphere.
5. The lawyer from Law&Trust will represent your interests in the territory of Montenegro, which allows not only to constantly monitor the stages of consideration of the application, but also provide legal maintenance of each stage.
6. After obtaining license for bingo or other type of gambling activity, we continue to cooperate with the client, if necessary.

The above algorithm can be applied to obtaining licenses for casinos, lotteries, slot machines and other types of gambling.

Law&Trust International assumes all the obligations to prepare the application for consideration, which increases the chances of a positive outcome at times.

Bingo license in Latvia

To get an opportunity to conduct this type of lottery in the territory of the jurisdiction of Latvia, an extensive package of documentation is required. Bingo is often used as an independent section of gambling. The game is seldom found in the casino, however it is popular among local population and non-residents. The tax on bingo also does not exceed 15%, which is beneficial for the business owner.

You can obtain a license for bingo in Latvia with the help of our lawyers. Despite the long period of registration of the necessary documentation, the client does not need to spend months of personal time on the collection. The counterparty provides a power of attorney, CV, a copy of the passport and an application form with personal signature, and our specialists make a request for all other documents.

Depending on the number of beneficiaries and types of games on the website, the number of items in the list of official documents can reach 40-50. After studying all the documents, the commission sets the time for auditing the portal in order to be sure of its compliance with the legislation of Latvia and the data specified in the documentation package.

The license is valid for 5 years from the date of receipt. In order to renew the certificate, re-verification of both the website and the documents is required. In view of the circumstances of repeated application, the terms of consideration with renewal may be shorter.

Requirements for Licensing

It is one of the primarily roles of a gambling control board to issue a license. The issuance of a license is based on those standards that are broadly described in the controlling act that grants authority to the gambling control board, which are further defined and explained by the rules and regulations promulgated by the gambling control board.

Some of the requirements that may be imposed on organizations that desire to conduct a gambling business within a state or other jurisdiction include meeting certain standards of good character, honesty and integrity, disclosing detailed financial and organizational information about the gambling establishment, its owners, partners and other associated persons and providing employment and criminal information on certain individuals within the organization.

The requirements and standards that must be met to obtain a license to conduct a gambling business are comparable to those standards that financial institutions also have to accomplish, such as banks and insurance companies. The purpose of these stringent requirements is to discourage application by certain persons who may be engaged in organized criminal enterprises or may lack the required experience or financial stability to properly engage in the operation of a gambling enterprise.

Many gambling control boards have undertaken a process of allowing for multijurisdictional application as a way to ease and streamline the process of registration for establishments doing business across several state lines.

License for opening a casino in Malta

Game portals often include slots, poker, roulettes, lotteries based on tournament results, bingo drawings and the like, so they need to obtain a certificate package: one for each kind of gambling. Our company suggests conducting a preliminary monitoring of the website to find out the register of the package of documentation required to be submitted to the jurisdiction of Malta.

The more complete the package of official documents, the faster the application process will be. Submission of documents in several stages is prohibited from 2011. Now the commission requires provision of complete data on the enterprise, its activities and material well-being.

Absence of one of the important forms will lead to return of the entire package for editing and addition. First-class license A is provided for the casino, while the content developer for your website must confirm the legality of the software provided with type A certificate of the fourth class.

Obtaining license for gambling slot machines in Montenegro

Once you have obtained official permission for gambling activities, it is necessary to certify all kinds of games on the website or in real casino. License for slot machines in Montenegro is a necessity for most gambling halls, excluding poker houses, bingo and roulette.

License for slot machines is issued for the period of 3 years, and after that it can be renewed for another 2 years. Further, re-submission and verification of the package of documentation for compliance of the casino with all parameters and standards of the jurisdiction rules and regulations are carried out and the site is monitored.

Certification of premises for installation of slot machines

In order to install gaming machines in a particular room, it is required to obtain certification of such premises.

The certificate is issued by the Hellenic Gaming Commission at the request of the operator in accordance with the provisions of the Hellenic Gaming Commission’s Decision No. 130/2 of 11/18/2014 (B 3225).

The area of the premises where the slot machines are planned to be installed must comply with the legislative requirements.

In exceptional cases, slot machines may be located on the territory of premises where other commercial activities, not gambling, are conducted.

Premises in which it is allowed to place slot machines are divided into categories, namely:

  • Type Α`- for premises created solely for placement of gambling machines and carrying out gambling commercial activities.
  • Type Γ`- for premises of mixed type, in which, in addition to gambling activities, other types of commercial activities may be carried out.
  • Type Δ `- for premises in sea vessels engaged on or running domestic or international voyages. Each vessel is considered as a separate mixed area, provided that a special room for slot machines is placed on the vessel and such room meet the legislative requirements.

The main manager is assigned for each certified room, who bears joint and several responsibility with the operator on the issues of compliance of the premises with legislation and rules.

The main manager may be an individual aged 25-60 years, permanently residing in Greece.

The manager must meet the following conditions:

  • To be a citizen of a member state of the European Union.
  • Should not be convicted of a criminal offense or punished for theft, embezzlement, fraud, disposal of stolen property, extortion, forgery of documents, active or passive corruption, causing serious harm to health, reticence or cover-up of a crime, currency offences, a crime against personal freedom, a crime against sexual freedom, crimes against the exploitation of sexual life and crimes in the sphere of drug trafficking, weapons, explosives, as well as in the field of tax evasion.
  • Should not be convicted of a serious crime or otherwise punished for committing a crime in the field of gambling.
  • Should have at least secondary-level education or its equivalent and fulfill own military obligations.
  • Should be fluent in Greek.

In all the certified premises:

  • It is forbidden to install and operate uncertified games and slot machines.
  • To place each slot machine, it is necessary to allocate at least 3 (three) square meters.
  • A sign identifying the type of premises should be posted in a prominent place at the entrance to the premises.

To receive the certification of the premises, it is necessary to pay a state fee of 50 euros (per one room) for consideration of the application, and also pay a fee of 80 euros per one room every year.

Payment of fees should be made no later than on the date of expiration of one year from the date of initial payment. In case of untimely payment of annual fees, certification will be revoked.

Conclusion: the legislation of Greece is rapidly developing, and the state monopoly ОРАР will soon share the market with other participants. In order to be able to carry out gambling activities, a special license must necessarily be obtained, with each installed slot machine and the game installed on it, as well as the premises where the slot machines are located, must be certified by the Hellenic Gaming Commission

Steps to obtain a gaming license of Curacao




Documents necessary for registration of the company:

  • police clearance certificate (record for the past 90 days);
  • passport scans;
  • beneficiary’s letter of confirmation;
  • scans of receipts (payments for utility services (record for the past 90 days);

It is also necessary to open a bank account. In terms of this jurisdiction there are no rigid requirements set by the licensor, so the list of documents for bank account opening depends upon the requirements of the bank.

In order to obtain a Curacao gaming license it is necessary to provide the following package of documents:

  • a document certifying the right of domain possession;
  • description of games planned to be used in the project;
  • a list indicating countries of potential operation;
  • schematic illustration of server locations to be used in the project;
  • a copy of the agreement with a software provider.

Moreover, it is necessary to fill in several forms and declarations issued by the licensor itself.

Another exclusive requirement is availability of a transit server to Curacao. It is a key instrument, as long as all data regarding the project is passed through it and the regulator itself has the possibility to track it at all times.

Consequently, it is necessary to purchase appropriate software for such a server and annually pay upon its technical support and maintenance. Configuration of the server is determined by regulator´s requirements and operator´s needs.

Antigua and Barbuda


Setting up a gambling service in country can be very costly. The application fee is $15,000 and the annual cost for obtaining an interactive gaming license is $100,000. On average, the application process takes up to 2 months. You can get two types of licenses: one for interactive gaming companies including online casinos, and the second one is for interactive wagering companies. Before opening an online casino you have to reserve of no less than $100,000. This will act as a form of security for your website players. The annual monitoring system fee is $25,000 per license. Plus, similar to health warnings on cigarette packages, it is obligatory to place a website banner warning users about compulsive gambling and about contacting organizations that can help them to deal with their addiction.

Casino registration in Latvia

Opening of physical branches of gambling establishments is possible only in the territories of those countries where this business is officially authorized. So, obtaining a license for casino in Latvia gives you the opportunity to expand gambling halls within Latvia, the UK, Gibraltar, Curacao, the Seychelles, the Isle of Man and other territories.

When creating an online portal for gambling, you must perform all the same operations for registering a business and licensing it, but there is no need to rent a room for machines, and gamers can play from anywhere in the world on the international website.

In addition to the official certificate for each type of gambling, you will need certificates of honesty policy, quality assurance of the supplied software and other permits, a full list of which can be clarified by the specialists of Law&Trust.

How to obtain a license for bingo in Curacao

You just need to leave an application on the website of Law&Trust. Registration of a legal entity and establishment of a gambling business require significant investments that pay off in 3-6 months with the correct business strategy. The bulk of payment for our services goes to cover commissions and government duties. Lawyers of our company can represent your interests in personal negotiations with representatives of the foreign certification department.

The license for bingo in Curacao is valid for 5 years after its issuance to our counterparty. You can cooperate with the specialists of our company to solve current problems in the legal sector of the gambling business or to order the renewal of the license for gambling in Curacao.

Get a free consultation today. Professional lawyers are on call during working days. Your requests are accepted in chat and by phone. At weekends and at night, you can leave a request by mail with an indication of convenient time for the call of our specialist.

A license for opening a casino in Curacao

The complex of operations on registration of gambling in the territory of Curacao includes:

  1. Registration of a legal entity under all rules of the current legislation.
  2. Collecting documentation and preparing an official form for obtaining e-Zone status. This is necessary in order to legally issue a license for casino in Curacao.
  3. Appointment of the director of new corporation, as well as collection of his personal and financial data.
  4. Opening a settlement account in one of the banks in the territory of Curacao.
  5. Preparation of an application for the registration of a gambling organization.
  6. Registration of Merchant Account for payments in electronic systems with an appropriate level of protection.

Further, you can order legal support for the website from us, as well as submission of tax and accounting statements to be necessarily filed with public authorities annually.  You will find out the cost of license to open a casino in Curacao during individual consultation.

Authorization license for casinos in Montenegro

In order to obtain license for conducting gambling activities, it is necessary to go through several preliminary stages of preparation, namely:

1. Establish LLC in the territory of a given state. The company should be registered under all the rules of the law, and company registration service is also available in the company Law&Trust.
2. Open account in the bank and receive extract from the bank for confirming own solvency and further contributing funds for preparation and consideration of the application.
3. Compile and file the application for registration of new casino in the jurisdiction of Montenegro.

Our specialist collect the package of documents, and the completed forms are dispatched to the Games of Chance Administration of the country which representatives take decide on issuing license for casino in Montenegro.

Malta Gambling License Requirements

Basic requirements are:

In order to qualify for an Online Gambling License in Malta the following conditions and submissions have to be met:

  • Original Certificate of no criminal record of the owners of the company to ensure that there are no criminal records about these owners, not older than 3 months;
  • Pass ‘Fit & Proper’ Test
  • Fill various key function compliance roles (if you cannot fill them with your team members, we can provide team members to do so at an additional cost)
  • Notarized / Certified Copy(ies) of passport(s)
  • Original Bank references of the owners; not older than 3 months
  • Original or Notarized / Certified Copies of utility bills not older than 3 months
  • Detailed business plan
  • Details of all gaming software systems used
  • Compliance & Software audit
  • Hosting of operations/gaming servers must be in Malta

Our turnkey package with an Online Gambling License in Malta includes:

  • Maltese Company
  • Registered Office, Agent and Secretary.
  • Business Plan preparation and submission
  • Collecting, collating application requirements
  • Documentation preparation and submission (Gaming & Control system based on MGA requirements)
  • Application for B2C or B2B Malta Online Gaming License
  • Assistance establishing corporate bank account for the business
  • Assistance establishing payment processing account(s) for acceptance of Visa & MC for the online gaming business
  • Assistance establishing a SKRILL account for acceptance of payments for the online gaming business
  • Assistance establishing a NETELLER account for acceptance of payments for the online gaming business
  • 24 Hours Personalized Advice: Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have our experienced assistance for the coming 12 months. Need some help or assistance with compliance? Want to get favorable conditions when applying for credit card processing? Want to know where you can get alternate payment methods set up? … Ask us! We offer the best after-sale support in the industry, and will do our best to assist you with whatever concerns and problems you might have … !

What a wealth of benefits!

Gaming license in Malta

Permission to conduct a gambling business is issued in a small number of jurisdictions. Malta is one of the most profitable countries where it is possible to issue a certificate for slots, poker, roulettes, lotteries and other kinds of gambling. Obtaining a license for slot machines in Malta is possible if an applicant organization complies with one of the following conditions:

  • certified Internet portal in the field of gambling belongs to a company registered in the territory of Malta;
  • the gambling website belongs to the jurisdiction of another state, however all payments are made through a third party or a branch opened in Malta;
  • Maltese company acts as the holder of gamers’ funds;
  • if the terms and rules of online games are published on the game portal, where the name of one of the Maltese firms appears (game developer, financial institution, etc.).

Submission of an application for the receipt of a certificate for gambling is made by the specialists of Law&Trust. It is transferred to the representatives of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA). The specialists of our company are ready to assume the obligations to represent your interests in a foreign jurisdiction.

A business plan and concepts for the development of gambling website are discussed during the interview, in order to determine the class of the license for issuing it to an applicant. If the scope of activity of a client is wide and covers several types of gambling, you need to obtain certificates of various classes. Law&Trust lawyers   determine the necessary types of licenses in advance, which significantly saves time.

Isle of Man

is an independent self-governing island providing a stable environment for gambling businesses. The Gambling Supervision Commission offers 3 levels of a gambling license: Network Services license, full license and sub-license. The full gaming license is a single license for your gaming business – the application fee is £5,000, the annual fee is £35,000. The licensing process takes 10-12 weeks. In order to gain a gambling license, the business should be registered in the Isle of Man and all related casino servers must also be hosted in the Isle of Man. The island offers an attractive 0% corporation tax rate, but you will need to pay the gambling duty – 0.1- 1.5% depending on the gross profit.

License for lotteries in Latvia

All kinds of lotteries are divided into national and private, the first can cover all residents of the country, and the latter are held in a relatively narrow circle. Also, such draws differ from each other in duration and type of gifts given to players. Lotteries are often held not as a separate kind of entertainment, but in combination with slot machines in online and real casinos.

Earnings of lottery tickets are carried out when playing slot machines, and the number of tickets depends on the number of bets placed. The more tickets particular player has, the higher his chances to win the main prize.

The cost of a license for lotteries in Latvia can be included in the general package of licenses for the casino. If you plan to obtain it separately, the time for consideration of the application will be reduced, but re-submission of a package of documents will be necessary for the development of bingo or poker.

Online Gambling Laws by Region

North America

United States

Online gambling in the United States operates in a bit of a grey area. On the one hand, it is not expressly illegal federally; but on the other hand, it is not legal either. In fact, in 2006 legislation was passed which made it illegal for banks to participate in transactions between online casinos and financial institutions.

In response, many gambling operators stopped allowing US customers to play on their sites. However, others persisted in accepting customers from the States, arguing that as long as they were licensed and regulated within their own jurisdiction, they were not being unlawful in receiving customers from there.

Currently, the legality of online gambling mainly depends on the state in which one is residing. Some have legalized the practice, offering their own licensing and regulation procedures within their borders. Others outlaw online gaming entirely, while many more continue to debate how they will handle the issue.

To learn the legality of online gambling in your state, please follow the links below:

United States


Similar to the United States, the providences in Canada regulate online gambling in their own regions. While some rely on the country-wide laws to cover gaming, others offer and operate their individual gambling institutions.

No Canadian law explicitly makes gambling online illegal. However, there is a law that makes providing gaming services to Canadian citizens without a license from the government illegal. Like itвЂs neighbor to the South, online gambling is a bit of a grey area in Canada.

For a more in-depth understanding of gambling laws in Canada, check out our full guide at the link below:


South America

At least some form of gambling is legal in most South American countries, but there are some restrictions. Some nations only allow lotteries or betting on horse races, for instance. Most importantly, gambling on foreign websites is legal throughout most of the continent. Some countries even provide their own regulatory bodies to govern the industry.

For the gambling laws in each individual country, please read our full guide linked below:

South America*


The laws governing gambling in Australia are stringent. Currently, only sports betting and lotteries are permitted to be wagered on legally. These rules are covered by the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, which makes casino games and live betting illegal. Regardless, no laws are prohibiting Australian residents from accessing and utilizing overseas gambling websites, so there is a loophole.

New Zealand, on the other hand, has apparent and concise rules for online gambling. Since 2003, their law has stated explicitly that citizens of New Zealand may legally access overseas gambling operators. The only caveat is that the sites offering these services may not advertise in the country.

For more details about the country-specific laws in Oceania, follow the link below:



Online gambling laws in Europe vary from country to country. Some outright ban the industry, while several others heavily regulate and legalize the activity. One country with a comprehensive and well defined regulatory process is the United Kingdom.

The Gambling Commission in the UK licenses all gambling institutions available to the citizenry of the country. This includes online gaming. Citizens of the country may not access gambling websites operated or authorized outside of the country.

France has similar laws to the UK; only they allow overseas websites that meet their legislative criteria. For the specific gambling laws legislating each country in Europe, check out these individual guides:

Europe Gambling Laws
United Kingdom*Russia*Ukraine*Germany*Poland*Norway*France*Finland*Sweden*


When it comes to Asia, there is a lot of variance in the gambling laws from country to country. Unmistakably, Asia is an enormous continent, so it makes sense that opinions towards gambling should fluctuate. For this reason, here are some specific gambling law guides to individual Asian countries:

Asia Gambling Laws
India*Malaysia*Thailand*China*Japan*Macau*Hong Kong*Singapore*


Gambling legislation of any kind is uncommon in Africa, with the notable exception of South Africa. Many land-based gambling operations operate throughout the continent, but specific laws for taking the activity online are rare.

Due to South Africa being the only country with specific online gambling legislation, we have focused our gambling law guide to this country alone.

For more information regarding online gambling law in South Africa, follow the link below:

What if a casino has two licenses

If the casino has two EU -licenses, for example Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission, you have nothing to worry about. You can play any games you want, and when you snatch a win, you don’t have to pay 1 cent of taxes. In addition, if a casino has two EU -licenses, you can be 200% sure that these casinos are trustworthy and reliable.

But what happens, when a casino has a license both from EU-area and non-EU -area? At casinos like these you have to choose your games wisely, as paying and not paying taxes depends on which kind of games you play. However, if a casino has a license from MGA and Curacao for instance, the casino is still audited and background checked – aka. safe.

Software providers

A super popular software provider, NetEntertainment, offers tax-free games, as they are licensed by the MGA. Also, they offer 95-97% return. Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Dracula and Invisible Man are some of the most popular games from this provider.

Microgaming, on the other hand, offers games under the UK Gambling Commission. These winnings are tax-free as well. Games from Microgaming include for example Bridesmaids and Terminator 2.

Ezugi is licensed under Curacao eGaming, so when playing these games from a casino that operates under a non-EU -license, you have to pay taxes from your winnings. Ezugi offers a lot of card and table games, such as blackjack and baccarat.

In addition, providers such as Norwegian Yggdrasil and Swedish NoLimitCity offer tax-free games.

You should always double check the laws and regulations of your own country, if you’re unsure. Players from the UK can only play games from a casino that has a license from the UK Gambling Commission.

For example, В is a casino site with a double license. These casinos are excellent online casinos with great bonuses and free spins.В  Just make sure to play tax-free games, if you wish not to pay taxes from your winnings.

Gambling license in Latvia

A gambling industry is considered the most profitable field for rapid business development and income multiplication. As in any other sector of economic activity, it is necessary to provide guarantees to clients and investors, as well as ensure legalization of a gambling establishment by obtaining appropriate licenses and certificates.

Gambling is strictly prohibited on the territory of Russia, China, Kazakhstan and many other countries of the former Soviet Union, but Latvia provides certificates for gambling activities to both its citizens and non-residents. Among the advantages of business registration in this country, the following should be mentioned: absence of double taxation and low cost of considering an application regarding offshore zones.

You can order a gambling license from Law&Trust. Our specialists undertake obligations on legal support of the client during the whole process. The complex of services includes free consultations, drawing up of the register of documents and their collection on the basis of a power of attorney from the counterparty, translation and verification of the received forms for reliability and compliance with the regulations of Latvia. Before filling out an application, you need to find out exactly what type of license is required to develop the client’s business.

Certification of slot machines

Each slot machine installed in a specially designed room must be certified by the Hellenic Gaming Commission.

Separate certification is required for each gaming machine. Certification is granted to the manufacturer, importer, and, in some cases, to the legitimate owners of the slot machine in accordance with the provisions of the Hellenic Gaming Commission’s Decision No. 130/2 of 18.11.2014 (B 3225).

Computers are considered and treated as slot machines if they have software applications, certified games (identified above) and they are used for the professional gambling activities.

In order to obtain certification, slot machine must be marked with CE or equivalent if it is produced by a member of the European Free Trade Association that is a participant in the European Economic Area Agreement (EEA) or in Turkey, which products are covered by the mutual recognition clause.

In order to obtain certificate, it is necessary to submit application to the Hellenic Gaming Commission. When submitting the application, the state fee is charged for consideration of the application (50 euros for one slot machine), and one-time fee for issuing the certificate is also paid (20 euros for one slot machine).

Each certified slot machine ready for use can be equipped with exclusively certified games. Any change to the installed certified slot machine must be communicated to the Hellenic Gaming Commission.

Each certified slot machine can perform legitimate operations with the indication of:

  • The authentication code of the slot machine issued by the Hellenic Gaming Commission.
  • Unique serial number (serial number) of the slot machine, specifying the manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer’s name.
  • Logo of the Hellenic Gaming Commission.
  • Website where certified games installed in the gaming machine, authentication codes for such games, their age limits are registered.

The withdrawal of certified slot machines from the market is possible only after prior notice to the Hellenic Gaming Commission, which, in turn, removes the slot machine from the corresponding register.

Bingo license in Malta

Our specialists will also help register a license for bingo in Malta: the license is issued after a detailed investigation of the applicant’s portal and verification of the data provided in the documentation package. Availability of the certificate makes it possible to work with players around the world, play or draw both monetary and valuable prizes.

Obtaining a permission to conduct a lottery in Malta is impossible without positive reputation of the counterparty and its business. If your website does not interact with jurisdictions of other countries, Malta’s expert commission gives a month to launch and test all systems and software. During this same time, the portal is verified for honesty policy.

Documents for registering a gambling business in Malta

  1.  Application Annex A, completed in English.
  2. Copy of the birth certificate and main pages of the passport.
  3. CV and declaration with original signatures (CV and Annex C forms).
  4. Financial recommendations, information on professional activities and certificate on the absence of previous convictions.

When obtaining a license for bookmaking in Malta or other kinds of gambling, above documents are required from each beneficiary or shareholder of an enterprise that owns more than 5% of the total shareholding.

It is also necessary to provide documents on the confirmation of the business plan, charter and extracts on the turnover of the corporation. The price of license to open a casino in Malta can be specified at the request of the counterparty. Leave an application in chat, by mail, and also by phone.

Regulators and Licensors




Web page

Cyberluck Curacao N.V.

Issues master use licenses approved by Curacao Justice Department. Since 1999 its centralized authorities regulate online gambling business matters.



Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA).

Curacao iGambling Association (CIGA) is both a regulator and a licensor. It includes around 30 companies functioning as online gaming operators and the rest of enterprises involved into the industry of iGaming. CIGA represents and promotes its interests as well as ensures compliance with the code of conduct and general principles of fair business practices.



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