Rules of the Fruit Cocktail 2 Slot

In the Fruit Cocktail 2 slot you can place bets from 1 to 200 per one line and up to 1800 in total. If you want to input an exact number of credits you are going to bet, you can use the “Bet One” button, while the “Bet Max” key allows you to instantly set up maximum possible bet. Several gameplay control elements are designed to help you set up the payout lines:

  • Lines 1 – choose one active line
  • Lines 3 – three active lines
  • Lines 5 – five active lines
  • Lines 7 – seven active lines
  • Lines 9 – all lines are activated

Design and Payoffs in Fruit Cocktail 2

One of the most noticeable changes in the second part of the game is the design of the wild symbol. In the previous version of the game it used to be an appetizing drink, but in Fruit Cocktail 2 the wild symbol is the Joker. The Joker alone can grant you payoffs of up to 2000 credits. The biggest payoffs reach up to 5000 credits and can be obtained by getting various combinations of an icon with grapes on it. The assortment of fruits on the reels in Fruit Cocktail 2 also changed a little:

  • Orange
  • Apple
  • Bananas
  • Pear
  • Lemon
  • Watermelon

Payoff coefficients for all these symbols remained the same as in the first part of the game – ranging from 2 to 500. Any of these payoffs can be multiplied by two and even more in the risk-game. To do that, you will have to choose one of the four cards lying face down. For you to win, the card you picked must be of a higher rank than the one held by the dealer.

Bonuses of the Fruit Cocktail 2 Slot

If the reels display three or more icons with a cocktail, the bonus round is activated. On the screen you’ll see an analog of the Fortune wheel. Inside of the wheel three mini-reels are installed. They will all be spinning simultaneously, and if the icons of fruit on them match, you will get bonuses. Depending on the number of cocktail symbols you saw in the previous spin, you can spin the wheel of Fortune from 1 to 3 times. The maximum payoff in the bonus game is 1000000 credits.

How to Win the Fruit Cocktail 2 Slot

The Fruit Cocktail 2 slot was created by the team of developers which began their work on slot games before video slots became popular. There are a lot of myths about the games from Igrosoft circulating in the gamblers community, one of which being the assumption that if you play the video slots during a particular time of the day, you’ll increase your chances of winning. Of course, this is far from the truth, but in Fruit Cocktail 2 you can boost your chances of hitting the jackpot if you bet on all lines and gradually increase the size of your bet

Symbol Coefficient
Joker 200, 1000, 5000
Grapes 100, 500, 2000
Orange 30, 100, 500
Apple 20, 50, 200
Bananas 10, 30, 100
Pear 5, 10, 50
Lemon 3, 5, 20
Watermelon 2, 3, 10

Forbidden Fruit Slots

Forbidden Fruit Slots can be found at . Please note — no USA players allowed.

This has 3 reels and 5 paylines. The symbols include: apples, bananas, cherries, plums, and bars. It has two jackpots: the first is 1000 coins and the second is 800 coins. The maximum bet is $25. Not available for US players.

Additional fruit slots available include: Fruit 25 Lines Slots, Fruit Party Slots, Fruit Salad Slots, Fruit Mania Slots, Fruitopia Slots, Fruit 3 Lines slots, Fruit 5 Line Slots, and Fruit Fight Slots.

As technology progressed, a variety of slot games have varied in theme and design. Thus, the classic fruit slot games have not been readily available to USA players. However, they are still out there and are great fun to play at the participating online casinos.

Lucky Fruity 7s Slots

Lucky Fruity 7s offers players a combination of thrills. First, you get that old school slot experience that is both traditional and classic. Second, it has that health conscious fruity kind of twang to it. There is nothing fancy about Lucky Fruity 7s slots it is just a down to earth basic and relaxing play experience. Lucky Fruity 7s offers 3 reels and one pay line and can be played with a coin value of .10 to $10 with maximum bets of five coins. The best thing about Lucky Fruity 7’s slots is that it makes no difference if you load up and wager the max or not. The odds are no better when you bet five coins than they are when you bet one because there is a comparative coin fee on your money selection.
Lucky Fruity 7s Slots was available at the following casinos.

The Symbols and Combinations

As you play fruit slot casino slot online you come across various fruit themed icons which are the symbols of the game. Retro 3 reel slots come with their own set of fun elements, and the advantages are also there in this one.

Oranges, lemons, watermelon, and cherries are among the symbols you will see in this casino’s online slot. Any two symbols plus the cherry symbol can lead to a reward.

The single bar, the double or triple bar signs also show up on the reels. A three-coin wager that lands a triple bar combination may lead to a 240x reward. The fruit salad symbol offers some of the most exciting prizes of this slot. Play fruit slot machine online; when you draw three fruit salad symbols on the pay line with a three coin bet, the possible reward can be a whopping 2500x.

The fruit salad symbol plus any other two kinds of symbols can also lead to attractive prizes. Now, this is one fruit salad you would want second, third and fourth helpings of.

Fruit Frenzy Slots

Fruit Frenzy slots is a bonus progressive video slot game with 5 reels and 25 paylines. It has two jackpots: the first is 10,000 coins and the second is 5,000 coins. The maximum bet is $125. The symbols include: fruit logo, frenzy logo, balloons, bananas, glasses, oranges, pears, plums, pineapples, strawberries, cars, watermelons, and an “admit 1” symbol. In addition, there is a bonus feature that activates when you get five of a kind. This takes you to the second screen where the Daredevil feature offers you the chance to “pick a box” to reveal your winnings.
Fruit Frenzy Slots can be found at the following casinos open to USA players:

Rules of Play Fruit Mania Slot

To win the game, players need to collect from 2 to 5 identical symbols on the active payline. To start the game, click the button with a circular arrow in the lower right corner of the interface. Before you start the spinning, you should set the size of the bet using the Bet button. It can be from 5 to 2,500 credits per line. The amount specified by the player is automatically multiplied by 5 since the number of active lines is fixed and there are 5 of them at any point during the game.

The Balance line under the reels shows the number of credits left on the account. The Total Bet menu shows the size of the total bet. To open the paytable, click on the button in the lower left corner. Keep in mind that it indicates the final amounts of the wins with the bet made, unlike the most Playtech slots, where it shows the coefficients. The paytable also has an “i” service button that opens detailed rules.

Winning combinations are formed as follows:

  • 2, 3, 4, or 5 cherry symbols or 3, 4, or 5 other identical symbols appear on the active line
  • A chain of identical icons begins with the first reel
  • Symbols are placed on adjacent reels from left to right

If during one spin, the combinations appear on several lines, the winnings for them are summed up.

Risk Game

There are two rounds to double the winnings in the game. The player can choose any of them once the winning combination appears. Click the deck of cards button to start a risk game with the cards. You will see a card lying upside down on the screen. You will need to press one of the buttons to guess the color of the suit. If you guess the color of the suit right, the win will be doubled and you can continue the game.

The button with the image of the ladder starts the second risk game. During this game, you will see an inverted pyramid with the sums of money on the screen. There will be the flashing pointer. You will need to press the button with the ladder when the winning amount flashes. In both risk games, you can take the winnings by pressing the button with the image of the hand holding the bag with the money. There is an opportunity to bet not only the amount won for the last round but also half of it.

Symbols and Payouts

The highest paid symbol is seven. With the maximum bet, it brings the payments in the amount of 2,500, 25,000, and 125,000 credits. Such payouts are guaranteed for 3, 4, and 5 symbols at a bet of 2,500 credits per line. Under the same conditions, other symbols bring the following amounts:

  • Bell – 1,250, 12,500, and 62,500
  • Watermelon or grapes – 1,000, 5,000, and 25,000
  • Lemon or orange – 500, 2,500, and 5,000
  • Cherry – 125, 500, 1,250, and 5,000

There are no special symbols and prize functions in the game but this is compensated by high coefficients.

How to Win Fruit Mania Slot

The theoretical percentage of the return is 95.76%. The game has two risk games, which makes it possible to win big. Players can increase the prize payouts at their own discretion. If the win for the round is not so high, do not forget about this function.

Symbol Winnings at the maximum bet
7 2,500, 25,000, 125,000
Bell 1,250, 12,500, 62,500
Watermelon 1,000, 5,000, 25,000
Grapes 1,000, 5,000, 25,000
Lemon 500, 2,500, 5,000
Orange 500, 2,500, 5,000
Cherry 125, 500, 1,250, 5,000
RTP 95.76%

Rules of the Fruit Cocktail Slot

The Fruit Cocktail slot from Igrosoft features five reels and nine lines. The gray rectangular button marked with “Bet One” can be used to adjust the size of the bet. Just click on it to determine the size of your bet per line (from 1 to 200). As you can see, the maximum overall bet is equal to 1800. The number of lines can be selected by using five buttons with numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 on them. To start the game, you can use two keys. The “Start” button triggers the manual mode, while the “Automatic Start” will start your game in automatic mode. If you choose autospins, you can terminate them with the same key.

Symbols and Coefficients in the Fruit Cocktail Slot

The Fruit Cocktail slot features its very own logo as the most profitable symbol. The Fruit Cocktail logo can grant you up to 5000 credits. The icon which depicts a cocktail can bring you payoffs of up to 2000 credits and may be replacing some other symbols. Other symbols are fruits and berries:

  • Watermelon
  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Lemon
  • Peach
  • Cherry

This assortment of fruits can grant you payoffs with coefficients ranging from 2 to 500. There is no scatter to activate bonus spins in Fruit Cocktail slot. After winning, you can activate the risk-game mode. In the risk-round you will have to pick one card out of four, hoping that its rank will be higher than that of the card held by the dealer.

Bonuses in Fruit Cocktail Slot

When the reels are displaying at least three strawberries, the bonus game will be activated. During the bonus game the reels on the screen will be replaced by the wheel of Fortune, decorated with fruit-themed symbols. Inside the wheel you will see three additional reels. During the bonus round both the wheel and the reels inside of it will be spinning. The number of spins depends on how many strawberry icons you got during the main game. Three strawberries will grant you one spin, four – two spins, and getting a combination of five strawberries gives you the right to spin the wheel three times. All symbols used in the bonus round have their own coefficients ranging from 2 to 100.

How to Win the Fruit Cocktail Slot

If you refuse to be satisfied with medium-sized payoffs and want to hit the jackpot in the Fruit Cocktail 2 slot, you will have to use all available lines and place maximum bets. This strategy will also work for many other Igrosoft video slots.

Symbol Coefficient
Fruit Cocktail logo 200, 1000, 5000
Cocktail 100, 500, 2000
Watermelon 30, 100, 500
Pear 20, 50, 200
Apple 10, 30, 100
Lemon 5, 10, 50
Peach 3, 5, 20
Cherry 2, 3, 10

Fruit Cocktail Video Review Game For Fun


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